Samsung hotspot questions

What does the samsung hotspot do and is it extra cost for it or do you just connect it to your wireless computer.  Or is it something you have to buy.  I have the Samsung Illusion and I see it is available but I want to know if you have to buy something else or just add it.

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There are physical Samsung Mobile Hotspot (Jetpack) devices that are about the size of a deck of cards.  Mobile Hotspot devices come complete with thier own connection and features.

The Hotspot feature offered on a Samsung Smartphone is something different.  The smartphone hotspot feature is normally an additional charge but no addtional hardware is necessary.  This feature turns your phone into a WiFi router just like you would have at your home.  A smartphone hotspot will leverage your existing smartphone data connection.

You are going to have to pay something to use a hotspot feature through Verizon. 

Re: Samsung hotspot questions
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John_Getzke, thanks for providing helpful information to Sndy503. We do offer Mobile Hotspots and jetpack devices which can provide an Internet connection for up to 10 additional wireless devices. However, your Smartphone also has the Mobile Hotspot capability which allows you to provide a wireless internet connection for laptops, ipods, and tablets. Our new Share Everything plan allows you to take advantage of this feature:

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