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Server connection problem to fdfnet servers

Well it took 3 months but it is happening again, I can not connect to any of the fdfnet servers. Yesterday it was fine and then today broken.

I connect to the internet through a MiFi 2200 device (that I can not wait to get rid of at the end of my contract in 5 months). Here is a list of the servers I am trying to connect to and the results of the tries:


  •         Connection times out
  •          Connection refused
  •        Connection times out
  •       Connection times out


I know from experience this is in fact a Verizon problem so do not go and try to tell me to check my firewall settings and such. NOTHING on my laptop has changed since yesterday when it worked just fine.


If you need any history on this look up my post from June of this year titled 'No connection to irc server on fdfnet'

Re: Server connection problem to fdfnet servers
Sr. Member

Thanks for the info.  Just apply the same solution used 3 months ago (or ask a question).

Re: Server connection problem to fdfnet servers

The problem is it needs to be fixed. The question is when is it going to be fixed permanently?


I can not wait for my contact to be up in April so I can get rid of this MiFi device that constantly disconnects for no reason and will not let me connect to servers that are available to the rest of the world without any problems.