Shipping return label USPS not Fedex

I recently had a mifi replaced.  I packed the old one as suggested.  However, the directions said to place the Fedex return label on the box and take to any Fedex pickup location.  I peeled the label and stuck it on the box and took it to a Fedex drop off. The gentleman looked at the label and said; "Sir, this is a USPS label, not a Fedex label."  Sure enough, I looked closely at the label and it is USPS.  I took the box to a Post Office and shipped it, keeping a receipt for proof of shipment.   There is a warning of a possible $500 plus fee for this device if it is not back to you (someone) within five days.  I have my shipping receipt, so I should be ok.  Just wondering why your directions clearly state FEDEX for return shipping and yet the label in the box was a USPS label????   Thanks!

Re: Shipping return label USPS not Fedex
Verizon Employee

Oh wow, banjo47!

So sorry you had to make the extra trip to return your device!  Thanks for letting us know this.  I've, actually, lifted this up to  the appropriate department to ensure the correct return instructions are included for the intended return shipping company.

Thanks again,


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