Slow Mobile Broadband/Data card in Little Rock, AR; phone is picking up 3G???

I picked up my data card (UT Starcom PC5740) from Alltel and am still using on the VZW network.  For the past three years I've always got EVDO (3G) connections pretty much everywhere - until the past few weeks.  Now its only connecting on 1X (Edge- I believe) speeds.    I can have my notebook and cell phone in the same room and the PC is connecting on 1X and the cell phone 3G.  


Any ideas why this may be?? I'm not happy spending $60/mo for dialup speeds.

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More than likely the broadband card and your cell phone are running on different networks and could be the reason why the broadband is connecting on 1X and the cell phone 3G.


Try these troubleshooting steps to see if it helps improve connectivity:

1. Remove your alltel wireless internet card

2. Close the Quicklink Mobile application

3. Restart the Quicklink Mobile application

4. Reinsert your alltel wireless internet card