Switch Devices: Fivespot (AC30) to USB760

Hi everyone,

I have a Fivespot (zte AC30) and my bandwidth is pretty bad around my town due to spotty reception (rarely gets EVDO).  Unfortunatly the fivespot has no way of connecting an antenna.  Therefore, I decided to get a usb 760 (it has a clean esn btw), which has an antenna port, although would require me to forgo the perk of a WiFi hotspot.  I tried to activate the usb760 online and I was notified that I would need to switch plans.  I went to the verizon store, and got little help as to what the issue was or what plan I would need to change to.  I am confused because these are both 3g devices that essentially do the same thing, It seems strange that I would have to switch plans.  I have the mobile broadband plan with a 5gb bandwith limit.  What plan do I need to switch to or how can I use the usb760 with my existing plan?


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Hi Maria_G,

I apologize for the delayed response and I am hopeful that your issue has been resolved since the original the date of your post! If not, I can happily assist you. Please DM me your wireless number. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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