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The Verizon Hub Website

is always down!!! this product is such a lemon!!!




Re: My HUBS is always down....

Since I purchased the HUB at it's launch I've had nothing but problems with it constantly losing it's DIAL TONE, which you can tell when you hear the 'tell-tell' "Clicking" sounds.  I've always had the unplug and replug the unit to resolve the problem(only short term, mind you)....  Of course, it would always disconnect me in the middle of an important call as well.      BUT!  I'm happy to say that FINALLY I may have a unit that actually works when you want it to!

Hears what transpired:  Since initial purchase date, I've called Vz several times to fix the problem.  Vz didn't know why the phone would lose the dial tone, since the little 'green icon' would still always be showing.

When at the Vz store last week about another phone issue, I asked them if they could look at my HUB.  They said "sure, bring it on in the next time you're here".  Well, when I DID take it in the store the next week, they kindly alerted me that Vz  no longer supports the HUB in their stores, they no longer sell the HUB in their stores, and I would have to call Vz support for help or replacement. Hunh???  The store person DID ask me if I was using a 'Vz Router'.  She thought that might be my issue.  She ordered me one at $25 to be shipped to me the next day or two.  I've always used a linksys router with no issues for any other products or connections, but I broke down and replaced it with the new Vz Router with the hope that it would solve the HUB issues.  Seemed to have worked well for several hours, but unfortunately the SAME PROBLEM arose later and continued just as before with no noticeable improvement.

     I called Vz support the next day.  They walked through several different trial connection ideas to see if it would help, but no luck.  They finally admitted that I must have an issue 'internally' with my unit and they would OVERNIGHT a new unit, which they did.


    I'm happy to finally report that the New Unit seems to be working well(at least for the 18 hours I've had it), with no dropped calls and the dial tone is still there since it plugged the new unit it yesterday morning.   LET"S KEEP OUR FINGERS CROSSED!

Re: HUB now working !

Day 3 - HUB still working as designed, no loss of calls or dialtone.... Keeping my fingers crossed!