Trouble connecting PDA to mifi
I have the mifi and a Dell Axim X51v pda with built in wireless. The pda will detect the mifi network, but it shows up as secured. I can't seem to find an option to enter in the password on the back and get access. When I try to connect, the connection fails because it is secured. Is there a way to temporarily unsecure the mifi or does anyone know how to get the pda to prompt me for a password? Thanks so much for your help!
Re: Trouble connecting PDA to mifi
Contributor - Level 3

Since you are not being asked for a password or pin to input when you get the notification that the MIFI is secured, then it would be best to contact the technical support department for the MIFI. The MIFI device probably has a special pin code for the network, which will need to be lifted in order for it to connect to other devices.