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UM175 - Not able to connect to office network with VPN

I am having trouble connecting to my office network using this wireless card, UM175, and connecting with a VPN. I have the VPN set up the same as many other computers connecting to our server. Currently when I start VZAccess, I can access the internet and everything works fine. When I start my VPN to connect to my office server, it takes multiple tries with error 691 being returned. After two or three tries it connects. I can ping my computer from the server. I can ping my router and my server from my notebook with the UM175. However, I cannot do anything with the server. I cannot access the internet, access files from the server, or access any software on the server. I contacted IT and our administrators and they tested the system and VPN and state that there is a problem with the modem UM175. Is there some setting that I must set to make this work correctly. This is an urgent matter and must be working, or I will have to purchase another type of modem.

Re: UM175 - Not able to connect to office network with VPN

Where are you located?  I'm in the Bay Area, CA and I was using the UM175 with my PPTP VPN without any problems.  However, I recently upgraded to the new 4G on Wednesday and now the PPTP VPN won't authenticate...errors on verifying user name and password.  I did a packet trace and found GRE packets are being dropped.  This is a Verizon issue and it appears their 4G upgrades have directly caused this problem.


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