UM175 as a Dialup

We have a UM175 and it works great....sort of...


We have an app that automatically detects if you are on a Windows DialUp connection and slows down automatically if it detects that.

There is no way to tell the app not to do that (it is legacy).

Since the aircard connection is more like the speed of a real network,

Is there a way to make the UM175 connect as a regular network connection and not as a DialUp?


It is listed in the normal network device list (as well as up in the DialUp section).


 Network Dialog looks like this:


 Name                                            Type                                                     Status                                       Device Name



 Verizon Wireless - VZAccess    Dial-up                                                 Disconnected                          PANTECH UM175


 LAN or HighSpeed Internet

  AirCard                                        LAN or HighSpeed Internet                Network Cable unplugged    PANTECHUM175  WWAN Driver

  Ethernet                                       LAN or HighSpeed Internet                Network Cable unplugged    Intel blah blah blah

Re: UM175 as a Dialup

I don't see a reply, so I'll throw one in here.


In the documentation, it mentions that you can setup the card using NDIS drivers and bypass the dial-up connection, but the connection will always be up as long as device is plugged in/powered-up. So there's a trade-off.