UM175 how to password protect

I am completely PC illiterate.  I have a UM175 and I think someone is accessing my WIFI.  Sometimes when I log on there is a CHAD with a gold lock that shows up on my VZ access manager.  Does this mean someone is using my access?  How do I password protect anyone from borrowing my access?  If they are using my access can they get into my laptop?  Sorry for being so dumb.

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There is an option to have a lock code for your VZ access manager. Follow the steps below to establish a lock code:

When you select the "Security Setup" button from the screen above, the following options will appear ("Tools," "Preferences," "WWAN tab," "Security Setup..."):

This option is only available for PC Cards (except for PC3220).

Lock code: Enter your 4-digit lock code and select OK to lock or unlock the PC Card.

Change Lock Code: This is used to change the 4-digit lock code on the PC Card 

Current lock code: Enter your current 4-digit lock code.

New lock code: Enter your new 4-digit lock code.

Confirm new lock code: Re-type the new 4-digit lock code.
To access the VZ access manager reference guide, please follow this link: