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UML290 Connectivity issues

Ok so here is the scenario and the problem.

I have a digital sign network that I recently expanded with 13 additional locations.   All of these stationary locations have a UML290 modem attached to a PC with win7 operating system.  Of these locations 12 of the 13 are 3g/4g and 1 location is a 3g only site.

All of the modems have been activated

VZAM is installed on each computer

VZAM does not start up with the computer at this time.

All modems are up to date on firmware

All modems have had the UML290 LAN Mode Setting SimpleTool applied to them.

Each site is scheduled to reboot the computer once per day

Here is the problem:   After 2 or 3 days each site goes "offline"(with the exception of the 3g only site).   Upon investigation of the site I find that in each site the modem is blinking red.  A manual reboot of the computer does not make this condition go away.   A shutdown and wait and then reboot of the computer also does not change the condition.  The only "fix" I have found is to remove power from the computer -or- remove the modem from it's usb port and then replug the modem.

Initially the computer was setup to run with VZAM starting with the computer, in auto connect mode.   After patching with the Lan Mode tool VZAM was disabled so that the Win7 connection manager can deal with the connection.

My assumption at this point is that there is an issue within the UML290 that is occurring when the unit looses signal from the network it was connected to and it attempts to reconnect to the 3/4 G networks that it is in range of.  The only unit that is not affected by this problem is in a pure 3g area with no 4g service within 15 miles.  This unit has been running without problems for the better part of a month whilst the other sites all suffer from the 2 to 3 days hung modem scenario.

I have no issue with the fact that these modems will from time to time loose their signal,  eg storms and other interference.  The problem is that the modem appears to be stuck and requires a power cycle of the unit in order to bring the modem back online.

My boss is ready to pull the plug on all of the units which is going to be expensive in itself.   But right now I have him holding off so I can continue to work on the problem and attempt to resolve it.

At this point any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.