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UML290 Internet Connection Sharing

Once upon a time a Verizon Tech helped me set up ICS on my WinXP machines... And, I promptly forgot some of the details. So, I am sharing them here.

Basically, what you will be doing is sharing the UML290 Internet Connection while using the Host Computers Ethernet as the Default Gateway.

BTW, You can rename your Network Connections so that they are easier to keep straight in your head. Right-Click on a Network Connections Line Entry and rename.

On The Host Computer (The one that *HAS* the 4G lte Modem Connected to it.)

On your 4G lte properties, under the 'Advanced' tab, in the Internet Connection Sharing block, check both boxes.

Under the 'General' tab make sure both 'Automatically' check boxes are checked.

On The Host Computer Ethernet Properties, under the 'General' Tab, Use the following IP Address: with a mask (automatically set when you tab out) set to:

To set up the Client Computer (The one that the USB Modem is *NOT* connected to) you will need to know the Primary and Alternate DNS servers IP addresses. To do so...

1. Open Network Connections

2. Right-Click on the Modem entry

3. Click on 'Status'

4. Select the 'Support' tab

5. Select the 'Details' button

Copy down the DNS Servers IP Addresses... Then close everrything out.

On the Client Computer select the Ethernet Connection being used to interconnect the two Computers.

You may need a Cross-Over Cable if either or both Computers have any age ont them.

Some newer computers automatically detect and switch over, not needing a cross-over cable.

*IF* your computers can't see each other at all, you need to obtain a Cross-Over Cable.

OK, moving on... Under the General Tab: Select Use the following IP Address:

IP Address:


Default gateway:

Close out of all property boxes...

Bring up your Browser and see if it can find Google or any other site you need to get to.

Hope This Helps...