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UML290 USB Failure Issues


I have a UML290 and it worked for a while on my old desktop, then stopped connecting, with Windows stating that something was wrong and that it had failed.

To add to the confusion the happened concurrently with my trying to use my 3G phone on the system, while allowing my wife to use the 290 at home.

So, I assumed that I had trashed something in Windows and finally decided to reload Windows.

BTW: The Modem was still working perfectly on several laptops...

So, I reloaded windows, reinstalled the 290 driver... Same problem... The last time I called Tech Support we were unable to fix the issue and they sent me a new SIM card. This time I got someone with a memory. So, listen carefully. (And, I hope this is promugated throughout tech support.)

He stated that he had heard somewhere that the UML290 required a bit more power and that some USB ports (Even though they say they are USB 2.0 Spec) can't supply enough power. Well, My system has a Dell Monitor with built-in USB ports. (The equivalent of a powered hub) and VIOLA! Perfect connection.

If you don't have a powered hub you can try a USB 'Y' Cable...

Hope this helps...