UML290 return and restitution?

Verizon - given the large and consistent number of problems with this mobile broadband device, what sort of return policy and/or restitution are you willing to offer?


I rely on strong and stable connectivity for my work. This device has been unable to provide that, even with the recent upgrade. I don't feel any of the owners of this device should be penalized but should, instead, be offered some sort of hassle/penalty free return on the device and the contract.


While there was a 30-day return policy assigned to my purchase, I was told I'd be charged a $25 restocking fee. I hardly think, under the circumstances, that's fair.


Ideally I'd like to be able to return the device and cancel my mobile broadband contract all without penalty. I'll keep my cell phone because I've had no issue with that, but I am going to need to find an ISP with a better track record.