UMW 190

Just upgraded a machine from Win XP to Win7. Downloaded the apropriate vzAccess manager and installed it. When I try to connect I get Connection - failed the modem(or connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly. Error 633.

How do I correct this or do I have to upgrade the device?


PS I attached a screen shot of the error.

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Re: UMW 190
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The UMW 190 is compatible with VZAM on Win7.  There should be no need to upgrade anything to get it to work.

The error message you are recieving is coming from the USB modem itself.  Your device believes it is already connected to a different computer or the VZW network where only one connection is allowed at a time.  It may not have shut down correctly the last time it was used.

You might want to try opening up your USB modem and removing the SIM card if it comes with one.  Removing the SIM should sever the connection that it has with VZW and force it to start a new one the next time it is powered up.  If you do not have a SIM then you will need to contact VZW support and ask them to apply a reset to your device/account.