UMW190 USB Modem connection problem with Gateway computer

I purchased a UMW190 USB modem (broadband card) last night at Best Buy.  Took it home and tried to follow the instructions to setting it up with my Gateway laptop computer M1625 (model). 


Problem is that although I have been able to set up the VZA Access Manager and get through to activation when I attempt to connect it says connection is not available.  After several hours on the phone with various Verizon people they tell me it is a Gateway settings problem but can't tell me what the problem is.  Gateway says it might be a settings problem but since my computer is out of warranty they won't answer my question without me paying a fee...


Any suggestions?

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Did the drivers install properly? If not, find the drivers for your device, uninstall them, then uninstall VZAccess manager, and reinstall both of them.  If not, download the newest VZAccess manager, install it, then install your device.


If THAT doesn't work, click on VZAccess Manager > Options > Activation and make sure the device is inserted.


Then,  if THAT doesn't work... I may be able to help you later.