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USB 760(VZAccess Mgr) won't DISconnect

This must really be an unusual problem. as an Apple iMAC  user with a USB 760 card, I now can't disconnect from the Net with VZAccessmanager. I recently downloaded the newest built from (7.1.2), uninstalling the prior version(4.3.2). normally you click connect to logon to the Net and when finished click disconnect. Trouble is: 1)I get the message that I've been "terminated from the remote site" within 15-20 sec after I'm on. BUT I'm still on. then when I click "disconnect", it won't disconnect me.  about 20? minutes spent with Level 1 and and Level 2 Verizon wireless support didn't help. they don't know how to solve this. I know that because it was the first times the support person had run into it.


I'd hate to have to restart my computer everytime just to disconnect from the net


unfortunately if this continues I may have go to another carrier


hopefully someone reading in this forum may have experienced this and solved it before

Re: USB 760(VZAccess Mgr) won't DISconnect
Sr. Member

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble disconnecting your connection. Have you tried to un-install the newest version and download it again? Let us know how this works out!

Re: USB 760(VZAccess Mgr) won't DISconnect

Pantech UML290 4G LTE  also. 


I know this topic is 6 months old, and I didn't see a resolution, but rather than start a new message I thought I'd see if I can't kick this one up


It's a minor problem compared to all the "keeps disconnecting"s out there, 


(like my speakers sounding like gieger counters when I'm on 4G)


Still it would be nice if I didn't have to keep pulling up Windows Task Manager to close VZAccess Manager.

Details: XP pro,  VZAcess Manager Version: (2495t)  -the latest