USB Modem MC760 stopped working

Worked great for a long time, then just stopped.  I inserted it into a different computer and it immediately downloaded vzmanager and worked fine, so I know the modem is fine.  something may have changed in my original computer.  Uninstalled vz manager and drivers and reinstalled them.  Still no success.  Any thoughts?

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-Make certain that your version of is up to date by visiting Windows Update <>. There have been updates to the USB support in almost every version of Windows, especially the 9x and Me versions.

 -Make certain that your system BIOS is up to date. BIOS support is an important part of USB support, and just like the operating system, there have been updates. Exactly where and how to get an updated BIOS will vary depending on the manufacturer of your computer - check with them.

-Make certain that your USB hardware drivers are up to date. The drivers are the hardware-specific interface between Windows and the USB ports. Getting updates to these drivers will depend on the manufacturer of your computer, or the manufacturer of your USB port add-in if the USB ports are on an expansion card, so you'll need to check with them.

-If you're running Windows XP, run the system file checker to ensure that Windows itself is not damaged

An up-to-date spyware and virus scanwouldn't hurt either.


-If any software came with the devices you're having trouble with, make sure that's up to date, and installed properly.

The problem is that any or all of the above items could possibly impact your USB problems.