USB551L Awful!!!!!

Second attempt writing this folks...because guess what? My 551L dropped the connection AGAIN!!!!

Running VZ Access Manager on Mac Lion OSX 10.7.4 is a maddening! Wont stay connected for more that 20-30 minutes. Have to connect 2-3 times to get data. Shuts off by itself and horrible times. This device and it's software is the worst junk!!!!

Please Verizon, bag this thing and give us something that actually is reliable and connects or cancel my plan.

Really, look around the forum at the massive complaints about the's a deplorable, annoying horrible device! Get rid of it!

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Using USB551L on two computers via Zoom router model model 4501.

Experiencing the same disconnects on most days--repeated disconnects for hours.  Rare days with no disconnects.  We are in a 3G - only area but now are at the mercy of the 551 device.  It hunts for (blue flashes) 4G but always connects 3G (green flashes).  Fairpoint (old Verizon landlines) has now said it can provide DSL to this location in rural northern NH, and we will probably convert to them toward the end of our contract period.  551 has been great when it works but irritating almost always.

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jwc747. Have you worked with VZW support and has it helped at all? This 551L has been driving me crazy for over a year and all the tech support suggestions have not helped, including the latest firmware update. If you find anything that prevents the constant dropping connection PLEASE post it. I'm still hoping that if someone can penetrate deeply enough into the tech support skill level a solution may result. My 3G UM175 was solid as a rock at this location but when 4G and the 551L came along the reliability went completely to pot. 

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Good morning jwc747,

Having a consistent and reliable data connection is almost a necessity in today’s society! From corporate transactions to stock trades to social networking, wireless internet access has a HUGE role in our daily lives! Rest assured my friend as it would be my pleasure to get this resolved for you! I have a few questions to ask so I can get a better understanding of the issue. They are as follows:

1. What version of VZ Access Manager do you have installed?
2. Is there any physical or liquid damage on the USB551L?
3. What city, state, and zip code are you in?
4. How many bars of signal are showing on the VZ Access Manager app when connected?

Once you have provided the answers to the questions above then I can investigate this further for you. As I do this, I would like to offer some basic troubleshooting steps for you to try. Please see below:

• Remove and re-add the sim to update the device roaming list.
• Restart the computer.
• Verify driver installation. (If needed)
• Uninstall and reinstall VZ Access Manager on the computer.

Once you have tried the above steps then please test the data connectivity for improved performance. If you are still having the issue then please make note of any error messages or unusual activity as this will prove to be very helpful in reaching a solution. I look forward to your next reply.

Thank you…

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Try to get verizon to give you the Pantech UML290 if not you can get it here refurbished from 3gstore...Better than the 551L

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google USB and MAC

guess what?

Yah.. bad match.