USB727 Windows 7 x64 Blue Screen of Death BSOD



Every time I use my Verizon USB727 on Windows 7 x64, after removing, when I try and suspend (sleep) my laptop I get a BSOD. I have a Lenovo T500. I am running in NDIS mode.


This worked great under Vista x32.


If I shutdown my laptop before removing the adapter all is well, however I'd like to put it to sleep as I often travel from place to place and I like to resume my work where I left off. The issue seems to be Windows can't put the device into a sleep state and unload/suspend the Novetel drivers. Without using the USB727, I have no issues. The suspend will hang trying to suspend. Sometimes it will go back to locked screen. After 5-20 minutes the BSOD occurs and the laptop reboots itself.


Windows x64 Enterprise Edition -- all latest MS updates applied as of 12/18/2010

VZaccess Manager v7.2.1.2 (2420b)


I have called support and all they can tell me is, there are no reported problems and I have the latest drivers.


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