USB760 Connected to Apple Time Capsule for Internet Sharing

I am interested in learning how to connect a Verizon USB760 broadband modem to the USB port on an Apple 1 TB Time Capsule to share internet connections with multiple users in a residence.


First attempt was to plug the USB760 modem in the USB port of the Time Capsule, restarting the Time Capsule.  Unfortunately, the VZAccess Manager was not able to "see" the modem in order to use it for the connection device.


Second attempt was to keep the aforementioned set-up, and to rerun the set-up utility on the VZAccess Manager to locate the USB760 attached to the 1 TB Time Capsule.


Again, to no avail; the VZAccess Manager indicated there were no devices to connect to.


Can anyone offer an explanation on how to use the Apple 1 TB Time Capsule as the router to connect the USB760 for multiple users to access an Internet connection?


The advice would be very much appreciated.


Thank you in advance of your reply!


Patrick Jerome

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Re: USB760 Connected to Apple Time Capsule for Internet Sharing
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Unfortunately the USB760 is only built for one user at a time. Even with a router the option to broadcast it to multiple users is unavailable. We currently do offer the MiFi for this which will let up to 5 users connect at once. Hope this helps.