USB760 error -- operator assisted?

Dell laptop, XP


When I click to connect I get a dialog box with the title "Operator Assisted or Manual Dial", and the text in the dialog box says, "Pick up the handset and dial (or ask the operator to dial)...."


Then it times out, and the VZAccess Manager dialog box comes on, usually with Error 638.


I just tried it again, and I get Error 777, "Connection failed -- The connection attempt failed because the modem (or other connecting device) on the remote computer is out of order."


My network card is working, I've updated the drivers and  I've run 2 registry cleaners.  The modem works on a different computer.  I've uninstalled the VZAccess Manager and reinstalled it.


What is going on?  Techsupport just says it's my computer -- but cannot anyone at least give me a clue as to what is happening??? 


I've bounced around the internet and found others with the same problem.  All I've found is that it's a broken registry problem, but the registry cleaners do not fix it.


Verizon, it's your program that's giving me the error; please help me find the cause.

Re: USB760 error -- operator assisted?

I do not give up easily -- and I called Verizon Tech Support again (10th time?  11th time?), and, Oh, did I get lucky!!!   This wonderful tech looked up my problem, and found the answer.


Control panel / Network Connections / Advanced, and uncheck "Operator-Assisted Dialing".  How this ever got checked since I used EVDO 3 years ago, is beyond me.


But, this tech took the time to look up the answer and found it.


Thanks and I'm off and surfing!