Unable to Connect Wireless AP to Mifi 4G LTE

Hello Everyone,


I have 2 wireless enabled laptops and 1 network printer are needed to connect to the internet.

I have a TP-Link WL TL-WA5110G 54Mbps (Wireless Access point router) that I am trying to connect to the 4G LTE.


The network printer will connect to the TL-WA5110G and I would like to connect the TL-WA5110G to the MiFi 4G LTE

The TL-WA5110G is set to AP

In the Wireless Mode Settings:

The TL-WA5110G is set to Client and is able to detect the MiFi 4G LTE from the list presented when Survey is clicked. The result is that the MiFi 4G LTE's SSID is placed in the SSID field.

At this point I am having issues as the MiFi 4G LTE is not acknowledging the TL-WA5110G

I have WPA2-PSK setup correctly with SSID and passkey.

So has anyone dealt with a setup like this and have been able to get this to work?

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Re: Unable to Connect Wireless AP to Mifi 4G LTE
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When I read your description I picture your environment like this:

Internet )))))) MiFi )))))) TP-LINK ===== Network Printer

Your home computers must be connecting either directly to the MiFi or to the TP-Link.  If this is true then your setup should be fine.  All we need to do is tweak it to fit your needs.

Since your router looks to be old (only supports wireless B+G), the first thing I would suggest is lowering the Wireless mode of the MiFi to B+G or even B only.  That should give your TP-Link a better chance to communicate with the MiFi.  All of these options should be available to you under the wireless menu of the MiFi. Sign into http://vz.hotspot while connected to the MiFi to access the configuration page.

Re: Unable to Connect Wireless AP to Mifi 4G LTE

Ok, figured it out.

The good news is that you can connect an Access Point to the Mifi. The bad news is that you cannot enable any encryption on the MiFi for the connection.

So in effect, I had to set the encryption to None and everything worked fine.

Now I have 2 wireless laptops connected to wirelessly to the Mifi and I have the TP-Link AP connected as a Client AP to the MiFi wirelessly and I have the wired printer connected straight to the TP-Link via CAT5.

Re: Unable to Connect Wireless AP to Mifi 4G LTE
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Try WPA Personal TKIP not AES ....The cell companies ship the units with AES Cipher type which a lot of electronics have issues connecting.  Change to TKIP and you should be able to connect.