Unidentified modem

I live out in the sticks.  I have a borrowed modem, with which to test the feasibility of using wireless at home.  The boss  - who loaned me the modem - isn't tech savvy at all.  She handed me the modem, and said, "Have fun!"  - or words to that effect.


The thing is, I run  Linux, not Windows.  I'm holding this little gadget, and can't read much on it.  There isn't ROOM to print much!  It's USB, and when I plug it in, Ubuntu recognizes it as a broadband wireless device.  I get a little thingy in the connection manager, and it attempts to connect.  


The wizard asked my for my country, and my carrier - Verizon, of course - and that was all the input I had.  Editing the connection shows that I'm using number #777.  User and password spaces are blank. 


Can someone tell me how to figure out WHAT I have, so that I might make some intelligent searches targeted at the device in my hands?