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Using 4510L to download from DirectTV

I'm new to the mifi 4510L. Much better than the Hughesnet I suffered with!

Just connected wifi interface to my directV, but have no idea how much bandwidth downloading something takes. Is there an estimate(eg, a 30 minute show takes 1gb)?

Re: Using 4510L to download from DirectTV


The best tool that we have for estimating data usage is the Verizon Data Usage Calculator:

This calculator is good at getting a general idea on how your data is consumed.  However it should not be relied upon for your actual usage.  The best way to find out how your data is getting consumed is to expiriment and check in with the monitoring tools that are available.  With a little isolation technique you can get a much more accurate picture.

Sample your data usage:

1. Allow your Mobile device to remain inactive /powered down for 30+ min

2. Contact VZW and lookup your current data usage

3. Download a 30 min show like you normally would

4. Disconnect and power down your mobile device for 30+ min

5. Contact VZW and lookup your new current data usage

Verizon allows you to check your data on the MiFi by signing into your MyVerizon account online or by contacting the 1800 number and navigating through the menu's on your phone.  Once you know what the average show looks like on your data plan you can plan accordingly.  Often times if you are a heavy video user you can watch the same content on a lower resolution to save and stretch your data plan to the fullest.