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Using phone upgrade for netbook?

So my 2 year contract is up and i noticed i could get a netbook instead of a phone for my upgrade. Im just wondering how this works. Like what am i paying for monthly? does it come with wireless connection anywhere? and if i get the computer will i lose my phone service, or will the cost of the computer be added to my monthly bill? any information will help.

Re: Using phone upgrade for netbook?

How this would work is if you were to upgrade one of your phone lines to a netbook, you would have to get a broadband connect plan with the calling plan that you already have (if you more than one line) So you would be paying for both the broadband plan and calling plan. If you have more than one line on your account you wouldn't lose your phone service for those lines, You would still have the number that you upgraded to the netbook on, it will just belong to PC. You will however be able to upgrade back to a phone whenever, if you would like.