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VPN or PPTP Access with new Mobile Phone

Yesterday I upgraded to a new HTC mobile phone with Windows Mobile 6.1 and can no longer connect to my companies VPN.  Previously I had a Motorola Q phone with Windows Mobile 5.0 and had no problems.  My plan was upgraded to the new plan and he said some services would be added and some removed from my old plan which was a couple of years old.  Is there something on teh Verizon side blocking VPN or PPTP access or is this something going on with Windows Mobile 6.1?


The error I get from my PPTP connection is:




Operating System      : Windows NT 6.0 Service Pack 1

Dialer Version        : 7.2.6001.18000

Connection Name       : AM PPTP

All Users/Single User : Single User

Start Date/Time       : 7/26/2009, 9:29:41


Module Name, Time, Log ID, Log Item Name, Other Info

For Connection Type, 0=dial-up, 1=VPN, 2=VPN over dial-up


[cmdial32] 9:29:41 03 Pre-Init Event CallingProcess = C:\Windows\Explorer.EXE

[cmdial32] 9:29:41 04 Pre-Connect Event ConnectionType = 1

[cmdial32] 9:29:41 06 Pre-Tunnel Event UserName = <myUserName> Domain = <myDomain> DUNSetting = AM PPTP Tunnel DeviceName = WAN Miniport (SSTP) TunnelAddress = <myPPTPTunnelAddress>

[cmdial32] 9:30:19 21 On-Error Event ErrorCode = 619 ErrorSource = RAS

[cmdial32] 9:39:32 04 Pre-Connect Event ConnectionType = 1

[cmdial32] 9:39:32 06 Pre-Tunnel Event UserName =<myUserName> Domain =<myDomain DUNSetting = AM PPTP Tunnel DeviceName = WAN Miniport (SSTP) TunnelAddress = <myPPTPTunnelAddress>

[cmdial32] 9:39:33 21 On-Error Event ErrorCode = 800 ErrorSource = RAS

[cmdial32] 9:39:34 20 On-Cancel Event



Re: VPN or PPTP Access with new Mobile Phone

I'm having the same problem, my HTC TP2 will only connect PPTP when on WiFi or running my laptop's VZAccess tethered to the TP2. I posted the same problem in the Smartphone forum a couple of weeks ago (search PPTP). Sadly no replies have you found anything?  I'm thinking Verizon does not allow PPTP on their 3G/EVDO (except when VZAccess dials #777).