VPN with 4G LTE?

My DSL is currently capped out at 0.04-0.10Mbps due to networking issues that Verizon basically told me are too difficult to fix, so the choices in my area are to go back to dial-up (which would sadly be faster than my DSL at this point) or get a 4G Hotspot.  Verizon seems to be the best choice for network in my area and I'm interested in the 4G LTE Router, but I work heavily from home over VPN so trying to determine if VPN (specifically Shrew VPN) works correctly with 4G hotspot devices.  I can't find much in the site or in the documentation, and people seem to have had some problems a couple years ago but no posts recently that I could find.

Anybody using VPN over 4G and any issues?


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VPN's are hit or miss on the new 4G LTE network and devices.  Like driving a car, the more you use them the more likely you are to have problems with them.

Some devices are known to have limitations and others do not.  Likewise some VPN clients have issues while others do not.  It all boils down to what your VPN is trying to do and how it is connecting across VZW's network.

In general, VPN's when configured correctly will work without problems as long as the connection is consistent enough to keep the tunnel open.  However, VPN's tend to be sensitive to disconnection events and timeouts that Wireless services are known for.  Your tunnel may drop on you randomly through the day where your connection to the VZW network and mobile hotspot is working fine.

Extra equiptment can be purchased to work around some of the hardware limitations of these devices and boost your reception/connection quality.  For example there are a wide variety of amplifier and antenna combos out there pending on how much you are willing to invest. 

I can tell you that I personally use two Cisco VPN clients, one with IPSec and one with SSL.  I rarely have problems with those VPN's on my MiFi.  However, I also do not depend on my MiFi as my primary internet connection, only when I'm in a pinch or away from my normal cable connections. 

Let me know if you have any other questions.