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VZAM w/Pantech UML290

I have had this device for almost a year now and it usually works just fine.  I live in an area that originally did not get 4G, so I was always connecting at 3G speeds and it worked well enough.  In the last 3 months I've been able to connect at 4G, but just barely.  It was still a nice improvement, though.  However, since downloading the last update to VZ Access Manager I have noticed that in the late afternoons/early evenings I will select "connect" and it will almost instantly disconnect and give me the green "connect" button again . I will remove the device from my computer, wait a few seconds, reattach it and then try all over again. Same thing!  Until I finally give up and attach it to my Cradlepoint MBR900.  Then I get to enjoy sporadic connectivity for however long I need to be online!  I have tried everything: taking out the SIM Card, rebooting the computer, etc.  Is there anything else available out there for me to try?  Is there any known fixes for this issue?  Please help!

Re: VZAM w/Pantech UML290
Customer Support

Hello Shelley72!

I'm sorry you have been having those issues! When I need to use the Internet, I want it to be a quick and easy process. I'm sure you feel the same! You have already done a really good amount of troubleshooting! I just have a few additional questions. Does this only happen during certain times? What zip code are you located in? Have you tried to re-install the software? Have you tried to use the device in another PC?

Let us know!

Katie H
VZW Support
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Re: VZAM w/Pantech UML290

Hi Katie,

It appears to only happen in the late afternoons/early evenings, between the hours of 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm CST.  I live in Weatherford, Texas and the zip code is 76087.  I have not tried re-installing the software since I had just completed an update a week or so before this started happening.  I will try that, as well as using it in another PC this evening when I get home from work. 

Thank you!