VZAccess Manager Log question
Just started with the USB 760 about 2 weeks ago. The Log on the VZ AccessManager toolbar seems to track the Verizon service OK, but also has listed several episodes of another connection called, "Other (#777)".  For each of those connections, the three columns for bytes are populated, but the dates/times and IP address are "unknown", and in the status column it shows "Error 25". Does anyone know what this Other #777 is?  I queried Verizon Online Tech and was referred to their Tech phone line, where I had been kept on hold the night before for 20 minutes before giving up.
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#777 will be found in your log without an IP address sometimes **IF** you connected WITHOUT the VZAccess Manager.


with my modem, the UM175, when the software was setup, there was automaticaly a "dial-up connection" established

in your networking section.


If you clicked on that, it would bring up the "dial-up" dialogue box, and you would see #777 as the dial-up number,  If you

tried to connect, it would indeed, connect you to the internet.


The VZAccess manager is just a more simplified way, as it shows your signal strength as well...


HOWEVER, if you are using the "LOG" in the VZAM to track your usage, it will be WRONG! it is NOT ACCURATE.


Click on "USAGE" on the main screen to get an 'ESTIMATE" of your usage (though sometimes not accurate, and never up to date)