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VZAccess Manager (UMW190) - Very weak 3G signal w/ Windows 7

I recently started using a Pantech UMW190 global usb modem with VZAccess Manager to connect to the internet from my house in St. Mary, MT (NW Montana, rural area with extremely limited internet provider options). I have a Windows 7 Fujitsu laptop in very good condition, and all of the necessary software and drivers are currently updated, to the best of my knowledge.

For the first couple of days, I had a fairly slow but steady 3G/Wi-Fi connection (signal strength at 1 - 3 bars typically) with my UMW190 modem combined with VZAccess Manager. 3 days ago, the connection suddenly became much slower and would disconnect completely after <5 minutes of connectivity. Since then the signal strength meter in VZAccess Manager has never gone above 1 bar, and is now almost always at 0 bars regardless of the time of day. Most of the time it is impossible to connect to the internet at all. I updated the VZAccess Manager yesterday, but don't remember otherwise updating it since I first downloaded it ~2 weeks ago. The update did not seem to improve anything as far as I can tell.

My roommate and I share the UMW190 modem and internet plan, and when I use the UMW190 & VZAccess Manager on his newer Windows 8 Dell laptop (which required help from Verizon tech support in order to install it, due to compatibility issues), the connection strength is at 2 - 3 bars and very steady. Obviously I'm currently using his laptop in order to post this.

I've tried to contact Verizon tech support via online chat and phone, but they've been busy every time. I really need some help here, and any advice that could help fix this problem would be appreciated. Please and thank you.

Re: VZAccess Manager (UMW190) - Very weak 3G signal w/ Windows 7
Customer Support

Hi goinka. I want you to be as excited as I am that you've chosen Verizon Wireless as your service provider for your Pantech UMW190. Since you indicated the exact same device in the same location gets no signal on your laptop but 2-3 bars on your roommate's laptop, I believe we need to take a closer look at your laptop for what's causing the troubles. Do you remember if there were any Windows updates on your computer around the time this trouble began? Or maybe a change to your antivirus, spyware, or other filter settings on your computer? Many times, it is something internal in the computer that is beyond Verizon Wireless's support realm that may create the trouble with connections. You may also want to try uninstalling VZ Access Manager from your computer completely and then installing through This may help to prompt your computer to ask for access to the program again and allow a seemless connection like your roommate's computer.

Thank you

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