VZAccess Manager keeps autoconnecting Wi-Fi

Toshiba Satellite Pro, Windows XP Pro SP3


I got the USB760 and a new laptop with the 250 MB plan.  At home I just want to connect using my Wi-Fi network.  When I installed VZAccess Manager (VZAM) I was surprised it took over my Wi-Fi management in addition to my mobile broadband connection.  But it seemed to work okay so I went aloong with it.


The problem is that it auto connects to my neighbor's (unprotected) network instead of my home network.  I told VZAM my network is the only preferred network and checked "Display only preferred wireless networks" and I unchecked "Autoconnect Wi-Fi" but it still autoconnects to my neighbor.  Even stranger, when connected to them I can double click their network to disconnect and double-click mine to connect and half the time it still connects to them! 


I called tech support and escalated twice until I got someone knowledgeable and effective but their solution was to download and install the latest version of VZAM, which is reasonable but it didn't change the behavior.


Anyone know the answer?


Verizon programmers please take note!

Re: VZAccess Manager keeps autoconnecting Wi-Fi
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Just shut down the VZAccess program and connect to your router using Windows Network Connection.

Re: VZAccess Manager keeps autoconnecting Wi-Fi

I had this problem. I really didn't need to have it on the laptop, but after acquiring the netbook I thought it could be convenient to go back and forth on the laptop.

Boy was I wrong. It DID take over managment so to speak. I cut the power off the manager and shut it down in every way that was built into it and it would pop up as soon as I tried to do anything with my network connection. The clinker was if you clicked it off, it would set you offline.


It is very aggressive in a dual mode. I will not be putting it on any of my other computers. I will just use my netbook as a supplement.


Too bad it wasn't designed to play well with others. Now it can't go out to play.


Btw.......I couldn't even delete through program remove; I had to go into the C drive and rip it out.