VZAccess dialing repeatedly

I bought a Verizon MiFi recently and it seems to be working fine for the most part (I can get internet access), except for one annoying problem -- after I get connected, it seems to continue dialing repeatedly, even though I am already connected. As I surf, a message keeps popping up, saying:


"Connecting Verizon Wireless VZAccess - Dialing #777."

Then a second message comes up: "Error 680: There was no dial tone."


I Cancel out of it, but it continues to come up, over and over. Sometimes it dials every 1-2 minutes, sometimes every 15 minutes, sometimes right after I click on a link on a web site. It doesn't impact my connection at all, I don't get dropped, it's just that the annoying box keeps coming up over and over. It also comes up when I'm not even using the MiFi - for example when I'm using a cable connection or another wireless network.


Does anyone know why it continues to dial like this, even though I am already connected and able to access the internet?


I emailed tech support, they told me to configure Internet Explorer to "Never dial a connection" (Tools --> Internet Options --> Connections --> Select Never Dial A Connection). But that option was already selected, and it is still dialing.


Any help would be appreciated. I am using a Dell PC, Windows XP.