VZAccess stuffs up in transit
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Took a ride from here to Jonesboro the other day with the grandfather (I was the passenger.) Decided to hang out online using my handset to tether, Something I'm noticing here is that for some reason, my phone will randomly disconnect and cause VZAccess manager to hang completely up. Unplugging and replugging the phone into my notebook solves it. This however, does not occur when the notebook/phone is stationary. It's not the cable because I can move my phone about and nothing will fail. Perhaps it's just somewhat sloppy handoff between VZW and remaining Alltel towers? (a VZW dealer in Jonesboro had told me it could be this)

Re: VZAccess stuffs up in transit
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Chances are you're moving in and out of EVDO coverage areas while traveling. Verizon doesn't have broadband internet coverage everywhere they have phone service, so you may be hitting dead zones, causing your card to disconnect.