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VZW business network extender - cant connect via http

I received a business network extender and am having problems having it setup.

I plugged it into our network and it never received a GPS signal. I opened on the firewall UDP 500, UDP 4500 and UDP 52428 and still nothing. DHCP\DNS are workign fine on the LAN.

So to see how it was configured I decided to connect to it from my laptop directly with an ethernet cable and going to - I am not prompted for a logon but I get an " error 403 - File is protected". Same error with Firefox browser. I cna ping it successfully from the laptop.

This unit has been a headache from the beginning.

Does anyone have any tips and helpful ideas on how I can set this up, their documentation, although lengthy, isnt helpful, especially if you cant even connect to the device.


Re: VZW business network extender - cant connect via http

I have a Home Network Extender it works great! Not sure what the difference is with the business one but I can share how I set mine up.

1. First step is, it must be activated. If not, you are going nowhere. Call Customer Service and they can activate it for you.

It's usually quick and easy. Just have the numbers they need handy.

2. GPS. The first time you connect the device, it must get a good GPS signal. Having it near a window is critical. That's why they include the extended GPS antenna. The first time, is the longest. It will take maybe 30-45 mins to get a good GPS signal. After that, it I lose power or whatever, it seems to re-locate the GPS in under 5 mins.

I've never had any network connectivity issues. It uses very little bandwidth I don't even notice it's there.

I spent a lot of time messing with it before I decided to call and make sure it was activated. It wasn't.

When hooked up correctly, dial #48. It will repeat the message "You are under Network Extender coverage."

You also hear a dual tone when dialing out or receiving calls.

Again, this is my experience with a Home Network Extender. I have no knowledge of the business version.

Mine works great and has tremendous coverage. My original signal was on the low side of good but now I have zero problems.

Hope this was of some help.