VZaccess manager will not connect for 2nd user on computer

I have a Win7 computer and use USB760 and VZ access Manager 6.9.8 (2132e).  it has been set up on the Admin user since I bought computer and it works OK.

Added a Guest User to the computer lately.  Installed VZaccess Mgr on the Guest account.  All appears OK, VZAccess Mgr shows 3 signal bars, running TEST WWAN shows all OK.  All drivers, modem & memory looks OK on Windows Device Mgr.

However, when you click Connect button VZaccess Mgr says 'Initalizing", then stops  with a message "Connection Failed-Access Denied"  with no error code shown  It never makes it to "Dialing".  On theCall Log Screen it reports Error 5 for that call.

Any help would be appreciated.

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