Verizon Connection Manager setup for multiple USB modems

I have a netbook that I need to set up to use 2 different USB modems:


one is a USB727

one is a UM175


When I plug in the USB727 Connection Manager picks it right up and is good to go.


When I plug in the UM175 Connection Manager recognizes it but then claims there is no device inserted


to use the UM175 I have to manually connect via the Network Connections applet in the Control Panel


Surely there has to be a way to be able to switch between devices within connection manager...?



Re: Verizon Connection Manager setup for multiple USB modems
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You may have to actually run the wizard for the second broadband card so that it will find it and recognize it. To run the set up wizard on your vz access manager follow the steps below:


Once you pull up the VZ access manager, click on the run wizard option to get the process started.


Welcome: Click Next to continue.


Wi-Fi/WWAN Detection: The setup wizard will first detect any available

Wi-Fi adapters on your PC and then your Verizon Wireless PC Card.

Select WWAN device only if you do not have a Wi-Fi adapter configured

on your PC or want to skip the Wi-Fi detection.


Connectivity Options: After Wi-Fi/WWAN detection, you will need to

choose the connectivity option you wish to use with your Verizon

Wireless device. Select "PC Card", then click Next to continue.


Find Wireless Device: VZAccess Manager will now find your wireless