Verizon Fivespot Issue, Need HELP!

okay, so my problem is.. i habve had the fivespot just over a year now and it worked flawless up until a new firmware update came out for the device, i didnt update for a while. but then i thought hey, maybe it will help signal strength, boy was i wrong! it has only caused issues to me and has brought headache day in and out, so before the update on the device, i had all bars except one, and i play video games with it and never had one issue playing online, then after the update it drops bars constantly, shuts off randomly, and disconnects then reconnects on its own (wireless and usb) i have already done the hard reset for the device 3 times as told on the phone by a tech. its really frustrating. so can someone from VZW please help me? and i have already moved the device around, i didnt have to move it anywhere before the device update and its still in that exact spot