Verizon MiFi Without contract and 5GB plan???

I have a Verizon Family share plan already.


I am looking at buying a MiFi 2200 without contract from Amazon.


I travel occasionally, and need internet access, but Verizon's 500MB Pay-As-You Go plan is too meager for my needs.


Can I get the 5GB a month plan on an as needed basis? Use it one month, then not the next?


I'm going to presume that the MiFi service would be added on to my existing account.


Is it possible?


I found this post on the forums here, and I wanted to clarify and find out if anyone else is doing what I would like to do.



I don't have all your answers, but I can tell you what I am doing and it might help

I have a little LG phone and was going to upgrade to one of the Smartphones, but didn't want to get into another 2 year contract since my wife and I are retired and have a good plan and are now off the 2 year contract.


So, I bought the MiFi 2200 Mobile Broadband device to try out.

I bought it outright, meaning not a 1 or 2 year contract price.   The payments are monthly as far as the service.

I am on the 59.95/month unlimited broadband svc.

I can now use it month to month as I need it, and can CANCEL the service if I am not using it for, say the next 2 months as an example, then reactivating it when I want to use it again.  


This way I keep my old phone with the good rate/month and also have broadband when i want it.


Also, up to 5 devices (laptops, pda's (iPod Touch), pc's etc) can use it at a time. 

So far I have had this MiFi 2200 device for about a week, and it's one of the coolest devices I've seen for a long time !   You literally carry broadband around with you in your pocket !  

And so far, it works terrific !

I have had no problem whatsoever using it wherever I am with my iPod Touch.


Hope this helps "

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You can get  a prepaid modem from and only use it when you need it.

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$60 for each additional GB?  I don't think so.


I am thinking of doing the same thing, since I have a couple of months at a time I'll need service, but then not again for 4 or 5.  The only catch I can see is that I might get hit with the $35 activation fee every time I start up the account again.  So if it's a month or less in between, it wouldn't be saving that much to cancel (about another $35, I'm guessing, but who knows with all of the fees and taxes).  And if I'm only activating it for one month at a time, it would be costing me $100/month, give or take, for 5GB.  Which is still cheaper than renting one at $5/day.


Anyone see a reason why that shouldn't work?  Other than $100/month is a pretty ridiculous amount to pay for limited data.

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Take a look at this, I think its right up your alley



Verizon 3G mobile broadband service for just $49.95/month, with NO contract, credit check, or cancellation fees! with no strings attached!


So you can have the service for 1 month 2, 3, 4 or whatever you like and cancel anytime with no ETF.


Go to for more info.