Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband

The prepaid mobile broadband choices are great, 1 day, 7 day, or one month prepaid pass.   I find it interesting that Verizon will gladly limit the amount of data transferred across your mobile broadband connection, wow, what a great technology, right?


However when it comes to purchasing prepaid mobile broadband service (let's say a 24 hour pass), verizon loves limiting your connection to 24 hours.  Who can stay up for 24 hours straight on the internet?  People have to sleep.  Why can't verizon make the 24 hours into the amount of time you're actually online.  That way the end user could use an hour today, 3 hours tomorrow, 30 minutes the next day, etc...etc...until the full 24 hours is used.  THAT would be a much better value for customers, however it would be a bummer for Verizon because now the customer would truly get 24 hours and use more of their bandwidth.  Verizon knows that customers have to sleep and therefore won't actually be using a 24 hour daypass for the full 24 hours.  If verizon can monitor detailed network data such as amount of bandwidth used, you don't think they can measure amount of time spent online?  Jeez, corporate giants doing whatever they want.  What a country!!!!