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Verizon Wireless AD3700 Global USB Modem DOESNT WORK ON WINDOWS 7

I consider it FRAUD to sell a modem without telling people that the software and modem only currently work with Windows XP. Yet that's exactly what verizon is doing with the AD3700 modem.


This is a complete outrage! Now I'm stuck with this **bleep** modem and a monthly bill while you Fing people work on the software. You released a modem before it was ready for market and now you've really **bleep** me off. I had already spent countless hours on the phone with **bleep** after **bleep** in tech support about getting the modem plugged into the external antenna (you need another connecter cable that they don't have properly listed in the shop and didn't tell me I needed at check out).

Re: Verizon Wireless AD3700 Global USB Modem DOESNT WORK ON WINDOWS 7

I have been checking the site since November for a Windows 7 driver. It's not that hard to write people. The fact that you have working code for other platforms means you don't need a complete rewrite. But the only thing that people know how to change is the date of when it might become available.


A former MCI Developer.