Verizon Wireless Extender - Stopped working.

The extender has worked great for months now, however I recently updated my modem (old one was too old, got a new Motorola SB6120, and decided to get a new router as well (Asus RT-N56U)).  Now the Verizon Wireless Extender is showing a Magenta GPS light and flashing red power light.  Reading up most people accredited it to service issues and that it usually comes back on, but this has been like this for 2 weeks now.  Calling customer support to resolve it is paltry at best since the cell phone is the only method of calling out, and it drops calls door to poor reception (never had any issues with the extender running).  I've set the VWE as the DMZ on the router to ensure it's got direct access to the modem, still no go.  Tried plugging the unit directly into the modem, still a no go.  Have restarted it, left it unpowered overnight, nada. Modem works great and appears to function without error.  Verizon no longer seems to have a live chat option, so I'm lost in terms of what to do.  I'd consider my technical knowledge to be pretty high, but since they give no way of actually seeing what issues the device has, I'm forced through this option.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


- Matt