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Verizon Wireless Network Extender

Please explain the theory of this. I have bad reception in my house with my verizonwireless cellphone. This is due to more than normal insulation installed for heating and cooling purposes. I am supposed to purchase a wireless network extender for 250 dollars. Then hook it up to my broadband connection which requires an IP address. I am only allowed so many IP addresses for my Internet. This means to remove one computer from my home network due to my bad reception for verizonwireless in my home. And I have to pay for this device, due to my bad signal? I am required to spend more money for my cellphone service that I already pay for.To get a better signal in my home requires an extender: 250. Broadband Internet 70: That is 320 extra dollars to be able to get a cell phone signal inside the house? On top of the 100 dollars a month for the cell service being paid now. The way I see it beyond the 250 for the device, I would need to pay 170 dollars a month just so I can get the signal into my home? Something just isn't right here.


Why not offer it to the customers a trial period and say maybe a few dollars a month fee? I already pay top dollar for my service with the minutes and texting, data and so forth. This is not my fault the signal doesn't penetrate my walls. Why should the customer have to pay for this device just to get the service he already pays for inside his home? So when someone calls on the cell, I don't have to go to the nearest open door to talk. Or the call is dropped.  Please help me with this problem? Thank you

Re: Verizon Wireless Network Extender

I had complained about poor service quality for months. When the Network Extender came out, I called them and asked them to take a look at all the times I had called about poor signal quality. They allowed me to purchase the extender for $199 (a bit of a discount, but not great).


I've been using it since then. It has an uptime of over 99% and unlike other companies, once you buy the extender there are no monthly fees. It works flawlessly all over the inside and around the outside of my home.


I only have two complaints (besides the startup cost).


1) Even though you can enter priority phone numbers for use with the device, this DOES NOT prevent other people closeby from using your extender--it just means that if any of your priority numbers dials a number and places a call, they get priority and other users can be dropped. I live in a townhouse and many times I'll walk by the extender when I'm not making any calls, and the blue light is blinking as if I were making a call. I would prefer others close by could only use it for 911, but no matter what you read that is not the case.


2) When I'm on the network extender, it should NOT use up minutes from my plan (but it does).


I guess it comes down to this--do you want to keep your status quo and have all kinds of difficulty making calls inside your home, or do you want crystal clear voice quality and great reception when you make your calls?

Re: Verizon Wireless Network Extender

If you hate your service so much get someone else.If you like verizon keep it and buy the repeater. To solve the IP issue if you buy your own router and you can add all the devices you want to. I have crappy internet service but bought a router when I set up a home network and have bo limits just buy more routers.