Verizon & the Recent FCC Ruling
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Recently the FCC said that Verizon could no longer charge for wifi tethering due to the rules of the Block C auction they participated to create 4G LTE.   I was completely taken aback when Debra Lewis of Verizon said that unlimited data plan holders would still be charged.   How does Verizon justify this?  How does Verizon draw a distinction between limited &  unlimited data plan users.  In making their ruling, the FCC did not draw a theoretical line in the sand and divide us into two groups.  The FCC said 4G smartphones and Block C.  Verizon is would really like a better explanation before I turn the FCC attack dogs on you.

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Here's the key wording....


On June 28, 2012, Verizon Wireless modified its pricing plans to allow

customers on usage-based plans to tether their devices without paying an additional fee, while

customers on unlimited usage plans must continue to pay an additional fee to tether their devices.


What I get from this is customers on tiered data plans and shared data plans can tether with no additional fee, and customers that have unlimited data plans must pay to tether or use thier phones as hotspots.

It doesn't leave much room for any other interpretation.