When will MAC O/S be supported on MiFi (Fivespot) device to access the Verizon wifi hotspots?

I just got the Fivespot for Broadband internet access for my laptop.  I've had it about a week, and tried the dedicated network access from home, and an internet cafe using both the USB connection, and the wifi connection.  Both work fine, and speeds are very acceptable.


When I tried accessing the Verizon Wifi Hotspots--I realized they are not available on a MacBook, since you can only access the VZ wifi hotspots using the VZ Manager app.  After I read the manual, realized that I could only access the VZ wifi Hotspots from Windows O/S.  Good thing my MacBook has a dual OS boot (I never go into Windows anymore unless I absolutely have to--like in this case).  As a side note, I had to install and setup the FiveSpot again in Windows--let me just say--even though I didn't encounter any issues--the process went much smoother using the MAC O/S.


Anyway, got VZ Manager up and running on Windows, followed the instructions to update the Verizon Wifi Hotspot locations, and then connected to the wifi location that I was in, which was a local Barnes & Noble.  Please note that all Barnes & Noble, and Starbucks offer free public wifi through 'attwifi'.  Thinking that the Verizon wifi hotspot would provide a faster connection speed and performance, I decided to try it.  Well, the response was dismal and poor--I tried to download a 22MB file, and the connection speed showed a paltry 7 KB/minute; in the public library, I usually get a speed of 100KB/minute, and the attwifi public access usually results in 50KB/minute downloads.


Disappointed in the so-called Verizon wifi  hotspots speeds.


Does anyone know when this will be accessible via the Mac OS?



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