Where is the AZAccess Manager Support Staff???

Owning a LG Dare I've been able to tether with USB and Bluetooth for some time using

my Macintosh Power Book.  Since an Apple update to Snow Leopard 10.6 AZAccess

will only work via bluetooth.


Across the board VZW phones tether well with Windows OS.... for a network looking to 

kill iPhone sales where is the support for Apple OS on LG, RIM, etc?


Asleep at the wheel at AZAccess?????????

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Verizon is not to blame here. Apple is the one who updated the version and caused your problems. This is also nothing new; it is common to see software available for PC but not for Mac. This is because Apple makes sure to block any software that is designed for their system unless they approve it first. Because of the extra restrictions, multi-platform software is often not available for Mac. Verizon will work with Apple to get the updated version out to you, but it will take time. Oh, and by the way, it's called VZ Access. Smiley Happy