Which modem for checking email 24x7?

We currently use a 4G LTE VL600 USB modem with a Windows 7 desktop machine in a challenging offsite environment (inside warehouse) to check for workorders via email every 5 minutes.  These orders are automatically printed on a USB connected printer followed by an outgoing email showing receipt. Most of the time we get 4G or 3G service but when the connection is not present our operation stops.

Anyone have a recommendation or experience with a better setup/modem to use to ensure we can check and send email every 5 minutes with no more than 5GB of traffic/mo?

Re: Which modem for checking email 24x7?
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you could try to set to 3g only, maybe the switching between 4g and 3g is affecting the signal..

go to vzacess, hit control d, password is diagvzw, go to settings, set to cdma/rtt instead of global

Other than that i'm not sure a wireless solution is best in this sort of environment, esp since it sounds mission critical

Re: Which modem for checking email 24x7?
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Good morning webcitymedia,

I know getting the most out of your wireless service is very important! (Especially for a business.)  In addition to the great suggestion from commonsense101, you can set up alerts to be notified when you are close to your allowance.

From My Verizon, next to My Usage, select the , when it expands, you can select the option to Manage Data Alerts, and set that up.

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