Why Verizon do you throttle us down?

 I am sitting here throttled down again for going over the unpublished 5GB threshold on my "Unlimited" plan. Again, Customer Service and Technical Services could not tell me why my speed was so slow so I got the Fraud Department again except now Verizon has renamed it the Customer Protection Department, ha! Maybe they are protecting me from myself! So now I am throttled down to 0.14 MBPS for the next month which the Fraud Department actually tells me is still high speed internet.


Here is what Verizon should do if you go over your 5 GB allotment; they should throttle you down if they must for the balance of the current billing period. They should not be in the Fraud Department punishment business by throttling down for the entire next billing period. T-Mobile just throttles you down for the balance of the current billing period then everything resets at the next billing cycle. We have been Verizon "Broadband" Wireless customers since it began and had National Access before that. You don't punish your loyal old customers!! I have sent this whole story to The Consumerist on the internet at http://consumerist.com/ featured today on CBS Sunday Morning. The good customer service companies like Fedex, Amazon Kindle, and DirecTV treat their loyal customers so much better than Verizon Wireless does. Verizon has a steep learning curve in customer service.