Will one of the Jetpack devices work as always on internet?

I would very much like to replace the cable internet service provider in my home.  I have a sufficient data plan to handle our home browsing needs, and I would like to get a jet pack device that runs all the time.  I purchased the 4510L, but it appears that even when it is plugged in to the wall, it runs off of battery power.  It will eventually shut off and recharge, then I have to turn it back on.  I would like to know if any of the jetpack devices can run off of AC power as their primary power source.  I understand that occasionally the wireless reception may drop, and that is fine, as long as the device will eventually pick it back up on its own.  Is this possible, or am I stuck with my cable provider?  Thanks!

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You should be able to solve that problem.

MiFis have a default power setting on them that turns off the device after XX minutes of no use (As determined by the MiFi).  You can find and modify this setting in the MiFi Admin webpage.  It should be under the advanced area and can be configured to leave the MiFi on all the time.

That being said, no MiFi model will behave very well as an always on home internet replacement device.  Dedicated home cable routers and modems will always perform better, they are designed for that scenario.  By comparison MiFis are designed to be light weight travel devices, they simply do not have the hardware necessary to be left online all day long with acceptable results.  MiFis are more appropriate as a backup, mobile or temporary internet solution.

If you are looking for a home internet always on internet connection device you would be safer going with stronger hardware like a USB Modem+CradlePoint router, the VZW 4G LTE router or VZW HomeFusion.  Any of those devices are going to provide you with a better experience for your home than the MiFis without additional equiptment like boosters and antennas.  Some CradlePoint routers can be expensive but perform very well, the 4G LTE router has mixed review and the nice thing about HomeFusion is the special data plan and high powered equiptment.