Windows 7 VZAccess download fails-any ideas?

New computer. Samsung. Windows 7. No prior VZ Access software installed. Need to utilize Pantech UM175. Go through install steps and get to error message that custom download fails. Except I put in for a typical download. HAve retried a number of times. Are there known bugs with Windows 7 for Pantech UM175?

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I have provided some steps below to resolve your issue. 


1. Install the VZ Access Manager UM175 application available at thru all screens. You will get a small msg box that says "OS not Supported". Close the app. The Pantech UM175 drivers will not be installed successfully. You can confirm this in Device Manager.

2. Go to Program folder where VZ Access folder is intalled and open the Drivers folder.

3. Right click on the Setup.exe and choose Troubleshoot Compatibility.

4. Select either Vista or Win XP as the target.

5. Finally, click on the Setup.exe and it will successfully install the UM175 drivers.

Here is a link for additional assistance. Click here HERE